Vampire Characteristics

Blood Vessels
2 min readApr 7, 2022
Charlotte Anne Miller, Apex

The blood mutation that has occurred within our vampires has forever changed them. These are the characteristics of vampires found in Blood Vessels.

  • Vampires have a variety of strange features, including fangs, varicose-veined skin, and discolored eyes. Even without mutations that appear due to their infection, they look unsettling and strange.
  • The vampiric mutation grants our vampires their dark powers. Some of these mutations are overt and obvious. Other mutations may be subtle and undetectable.
  • Vampires can exist in the sun, but the virus becomes suppressed, causing them to lose those powers their dark gift has granted them. Over time, vampires exposed to direct sunlight become weak and can even die.
  • Vampires are unaffected by holy symbols, garlic, or other myths found in folklore. They do not require an invitation to enter a home, nor do they shy away from silver. They need air to breathe and cast a reflection, like humans.
  • Vampires are highly susceptible to salt and seawater. It behaves like acid to them. The chemical bonds in pure sodium chloride disrupt the bonds of the vampiric virus, causing it to break down and disintegrate.
  • Beheading a vampire or driving a stake through their heart kills the body so that the virus cannot flow through the blood. Likewise, being drained of all its infected blood would also kill a vampire.
  • Vampires suffer an insatiable hunger which fuels their dark gifts and their lives. Vampires hunger and feed on human blood; animal blood or normal food & drink cannot satisfy them.
  • Vampires are forever changed by their mutation. There is no cure. They often seek out others like themselves in a desperate need to belong and understand themselves.
  • Vampires are very much like humans, with similar drives, desires, wants, and personalities. Some semblance of their humanity remains even after being reborn to darkness… but it may be fleeting.
  • A Vampire that loses the last remnants of its humanity is forever changed. It becomes a terrible creature called a scourge. A scourge is pure hunger, driven by the need to feed.
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