The Darkness Calls and I Must Answer

Blood Vessels
1 min readOct 25, 2022


Come, brethren. The time is almost upon us.

Tomorrow, October 26th 2022… a day that will live in our collective memories forever… we vampires will rise!

Only by joining our ranks will you be allowed to participate in our story. Only by claiming your mark upon this world will you be one of us.

Sign your mark upon the List, so that you might be allowed to tell your tale.

But be swift. The glow of dawn approaches...

Starting at noon PST, we will unleash 250 one-of-one vampires for anyone to purchase. Join us at tomorrow October 26th to sink your teeth into our sale.

If you sign up for our Allow List using this link, you can get a one-time discount of $100 off!

Get on the Allow List here:*

We’ll see you there!

*Be sure to disable any pop-up blockers you might have to ensure a smooth transaction.

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