Meet Charlotte Anne Miller

Charlotte was drawn from real life references Charlotte Forten Grimké & Anna Elizabeth Hudlun

Before her transformation, Charlotte was a socialite, a teacher, and an activist in her community. During the war, she secretly worked on the Underground Railroad, helping slaves to escape from the south. Born to free parents of means, she received a private education and had privileges that other women of color lacked. But this only reinforced her passion for civil rights and social equality.

“Why should I receive such blessings from God, when so many of us do not?” she would ask. “It is my duty to help those less fortunate than myself. I would give up my life for those who needed it.”

An avid abolitionist, she often spoke at churches and other venues in her community both at home and abroad, sharing the message of freedom and hope.

It was during one of these trips that she was harassed and jailed by police for distributing pamphlets supporting the abolitionist movement. This cold, frightening encounter made her see, whole and true, that no amount of wealth or privilege could protect her from the scrutiny of those in power who held positions of authority. It sowed a deep distrust for those people in power, especially police and politicians who stood to gain from her oppression.

Following this disgraceful ordeal, Charlotte decided to visit a cousin in Chicago to gain respite… when the great fire of 1871 overtook the city.

Not one to sit and wait for others to take charge, she ran to the streets, helping to usher families to safety while the smoke and flames seemed to spread around her.

It was during this escape that she had her second most significant run-in with the authorities. A police man tried to usher her off the streets with his baton, swinging wildly at anyone in his way. He struck a woman who was fleeing a building and nearly trampled a child looking for its mother. But then fled like a craven coward as the fires began to sweep up around them. As he ran, his errant swing connected with her forehead and she was left dazed, bloody and confused.

That was when she heard the cries of a person inside one of the apartments nearby. Despite every indignity she suffered, she gathered herself and entered the building, looking to help… only to become trapped inside a building while looking for survivors. She never found them.

But something found her.

It was then that she encountered the Devil. Or at least, that is how she describes it: a monstrous creature that emerged from the flames, engulfed in that hoary rage.

As she fled, the poor wooden floor collapsed beneath her and she fell from the second story through the burning timbers of the apartment.

That was the last she remembered: her body dying as it lay helpless on the floor.

She arose from that event, her body starving and insatiable. It took every ounce of her willpower to force herself out of that burning inferno and back into the streets where she had come from.

When she returned to the shelter of those she’d helped, she saw the same policeman who’d attacked her earlier trying to push the survivors away from the life-saving waters of Lake Michigan. In that moment, she felt herself become overcome by an insatiable hunger.

Like a shark in blood-infested waters, she blacked out for the second time that day.

When she came to, the policeman was nowhere to be found. Instead, she was surrounded by the same people she had saved, looking at her with awe. The fires raged on deep in the city behind her, but she was calm and cool and full of power.

None of them spoke of what they saw that day.

Following the fire, she began using her considerable wealth and influence to create a prosperous life away from prying eyes. She re-dedicated herself to the pursuit of equality for her people by seizing power away from the oppressor.

To rule — quite literally — from the shadows.



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