First Mint Date Announced!

Exciting news!! During our AMA on Wednesday, we announced details about our first mint! Keep reading for the full update from ArbiterRex!

via our Discord
ArbiterRex Wednesday, August 31st 2022 at 2:14 PM

Thanks again @everyone for participating in the AMA and shout out to @APOLLYON for the following fantastic list of questions. Posting the questions, answers and important details from the AMA below:

Drop Date OCT 26th
Pool 250 Vampires
Price Range $100-$200

— how many characters can we own?
As many as you want, but you’ll be limited to purchase 25 on drop day.

— do you have mechanics for a populace of vamps with the virus out of control?
The population of vamps is based on the NFTs owned by players.

— will you be aging the game or changing settings?
Yes! That is the idea, we want to evolve the game as we go forward. Hunting, maybe land ownership and theme updates.

— Will there be pvp allowable?
Yes! But not to the death. Ideally this is a simpler version of the skill testing bot between two characters.

— do we lose the nft if the character dies?
No! How we deal with character death in the two game modes is something we’re exploring, but your NFT will be safe.

— if we trade or sell the nft do we lose the character?
Yes! You own that character, if you give them away you may lose your role!

— can we stake characters for others to play?
No staking just yet.

— is there a way to check the stats on a character before buying or trading for one?
Buying no, but trading yes. The stats will be revealed after the vamp has been purchased.

— will there be obtainable items?
Not yet, but we’re considering that in the future.

— are you ok with any or all of your npcs to die?
I look forward to it. How we get that to happen in a satisfying way is the trick.

— are you ok with players taking over areas the npcs had?
Ownership of the city, and eventually the world is what we want most for our vampires.

— will there be team mechanics or multiplayer?
We’ve got some ideas brewing on how to leverage the factions in cool ways. More on that after the drop.

The exact sales related perks for our Allowlist members are still be worked on so keep an eye out for updates on our Discord and Twitter for further updates and how to win an Allowlist spot of your own!



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