Factions in Blood Vessels

Since the Great Fire of Chicago and the horrific events of October 8th 1871, a surge of mysterious infections erupted across the Midwest.

As humanity races toward the precipice of a new century, many are starting to understand the impact of the virus on a larger scale. The population of vampires has risen sharply. New carriers of the disease continue to unknowingly transmit the virus to unsuspecting victims of their feeding, more vampires begin to rise.

Powerful forces begin to align, mirroring the spectrum of vampire-kind ideology. They call out to others of their kind, offering safety, security, and maybe even a glimpse of hope — that this new condition is a change, not the end. As these groups continue to recruit others and grow, it becomes only a matter of time before these forces will come into conflict.

Soon it will be time for vampires to gather and decide the fate of their future.

But even within these factions there exists fractures. While the ultimate goals of both prominent vampiric groups are agreed upon, how they will exercise their power is yet to be seen.

What faction will you join?


The Circle

The Circle wishes to remain hidden in the shadows, away from the persecution of humans who will hate and fear them. They collectively believe that the only way to protect themselves is to keep their community closed; to create communities of vampire-kind that are self-reliant and self-regulating.

But some of their most prominent members see a kind of strength in secrecy. While some of the Circle sees the communal utopia as the end goal, others believe that a separatist approach is a means to achieve a position of power — where vampires rule unseen, manipulating the waking world with their machinations.

Key Members

Horribly disfigured by his transformation, Aries knows first-hand the consequence of “different”. Hunted to near death, Aries believes he found salvation in solitude.

From this position, he survived.

When he found there were others like him, he dedicated his life and work to helping others seeking to avoid detection or persecution. He believes the best way to protect his “flock” is to keep them out of the light.

Aries invokes a sense of fanatical zealotry in his followers, who see him as a messiah figure among their kind.

Charlotte Anne Miller
Never one to bend to any authority, Charlotte shares Aries’ belief that it is through community that vampire-kind will survive and thrive. However, her desire to use this power to influence the world at large through subterfuge and politics is where she and Aries diverge in their shared ideology.

Her wealthy upbringing and social standing makes her adept at maneuvering resources, whether its money, power, or influence. She is not above using those who follow her to those ends, all while presenting an all-inclusive narrative.

In truth, she sees building an insular community away from the prying eyes of humanity as a means to an end. That end? Survival… by any means necessary.

Daisy Bennett
Daisy joined the Circle shortly after the devastation of the Great Fire. She’d been left for dead after the flames overtook the city and, when she came to, she found herself in a desolate wasteland, full of danger. When she did finally manage to find other survivors, they turned out to be unsavory men — looters looking for easy prey. Little did they realize the hunted would become the hunter.

Daisy found a home with the Circle: Aries took her under his wing as his red right hand; and Charlotte gave her a new family. She is unwaveringly loyal to both. Perhaps to a fault.

The Futurists

The Futurists believe that revealing themselves to the world will usher in a beneficial new age for humanity and vampires. But unlike the perceived unity that the Circle holds, they often argue about the best way forward to achieve this goal.

Some of the Futurists wish to coexist peacefully with humans and share their newfound discoveries with the burgeoning future. They see these gifts as an opportunity to advance humanity into the new future.

And yet, still others wish to use these dark powers to rule over humanity with an iron fist, believing it is their right as the next step in human evolution. However, those within this faction who find the utopian vision of unity between humanity and vampire-kind unrealistic tend to advocate this quietly; preferring to wait-and-see approach. They practice patience, curious to discover what the vampire community ultimately will decide as a whole.

Key Members

Minerva Rosi
Minerva is an industrialist and inventor, one who sees a future of gleaming brass and light, where humanity and vampires can co-exist through mutual aid. She sees her disease as an opportunity to work with others to better understand the implications of the virus. She was the first of the vampires to understand the nature of the virus, although she continues to search for answers to its origin and (maybe) even a cure.

She knows the only way to advance her work is to open it to the larger scientific community. That means being open and transparent with humans. At best, this makes her an optimist. At worst, her naïveté and privileges often puts herself, other vampires, and humans in danger.

Addison Thistle
Born to wealth, power, & privilege, Addison sees humanity as the poor souls that need to be guided to a brighter tomorrow — even if it means dragging them by the scruff of their necks to do so. Sacrifices will have to be made, of course… mostly by the humans. But means and ends are simply the tools of those with vision.

Addison embodies the most classic trope in the vampire mythos: charismatic, manipulative, brilliant… and absolutely brutal.

His true goal is to have vampire-kind ascend to become the new and explicit rulers of Earth.

Dr. Lester Smith
Dr. Smith is the first recorded case of vampirism where the host purposely injected himself with the tainted blood that causes transformation.

Born with a rare physical ailment, Dr. Smith’s condition caused stunted growth and limited physical functionality. When he began his experiments using infected patients, he learned of the miraculous properties the virus contained. He began finding more test subjects, inflicting upon them a wide array of tests. It was Dr. Smith who first discovered the limitations of the virus, including aversion to saltwater, sunlight, and fire.

The test subjects that provided these insights didn’t survive the tests, but what’s a few eggs when making an omelet?

As the time of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair grows closer, these factions and players will grow in power and influence. They seek to find others to join their cause and to further their own secret agendas.

Who will win?

The fate of all vampires is up to you!

Visit our Discord to learn more about these factions and key players and learn how they might influence the world of Blood Vessels!



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