Community Update — March Wrap Up

Hello Vessels! March was a super busy month for Blood Vessels and we wanted to recap everything that we achieved together! Let’s go!

Game With Us! — Sucker For Love 🎮

Together we did our first ‘game of the month club’ and dated some super cute egirls (eldritch girls!). 🐙 Be sure to keep an eye on #game-with-us for our next game of the month!

Which one did you end up liking the most? Did you find all the secrets in the game? 🔎

1 Year of Discord Nitro Contest 🎉

We ran a contest asking you guys what your favorite horror title was and our winner got 1 Year of Discord Nitro on us!

Character Lore Drops 🩸

In March we introduced our community to two exciting new characters from Blood Vessels Lore, east coast socialite Addison Thistle and brilliant clinician Minerva Rosi! 🧪

Shaun of the Dead Movie Party 🍿

We got our laughs in together watching Shaun of the Dead! Thanks for hanging out with us in Movie Night!

Fan Art 🎨

Our community is full of amazingly talented people and Aruced shared fanart with us of CrimsonVox’s character from playtesting!

AMA with Immutable X! 🙋‍♀️

And rounding out a very productive month, we had our first AMA with IMX where we discussed lore, game mechanics, launch plans and what’s next for Blood Vessels!

What’s Next! 🤔

April is shaping up to be another super exciting month for Blood Vessels! 🧛‍♀️

So far we’ve got:

🩸 Another Discord Nitro Contest that just ended!

🩸 A Playtest with the devs and we’ll be doing more! Come hang out with us and hear more about game mechanics and lore!

🩸 A new character! Visit #lore-drops to learn about our siren, Nerine de Thana! 🎵

🩸 There’s a brand new in character writing prompt here!

🩸 Our game of the month is Carrion and you can win a month of Discord Nitro but playing along with us!

Stay tuned for more news and as always, thanks for being here! You can reach out to us with any feedback in #support! 💗



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Blood Vessels

An NFT open world narrative game with ttrpg elements, played via Discord. Powered by Kongregate.