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3 min readAug 15, 2022


Exciting news: our Narrative Gameplay is coming along and we’re working on getting a BETA version up on our Discord! What is narrative gameplay?

Narrative Gameplay is similar to what we’ve been doing in Seeing Red, except you will be able to use your BETA vampire stats to interact with the story! You won’t have to wait for us, the Devs, to post interactive posts. Narrative gameplay will occur on Discord Monday through Friday, pausing on the weekends.

How does it work?

The thread collects all the failures and successes rolled on the required test and counts them toward the Pass or Fail threshold in the narrative post, 20 in our example. If one of the thresholds is hit, a new post is made detailing the result for passing or failing the skill check. If the post’s timer runs out without the required number of passed checks, it’s considered a failed skill check and the story continues as though the fail threshold was met.

At first you’ll all be playing together directing a single protagonist using your BETA vampire’s stats. In the future….well, let’s talk about that in the future.

Narrative Gameplay scenarios have multiple paths and endings. That means once we reach the end of a scenario we’ll restart it and the next time it’s played, it may end differently.

After the NFT drop, the second Narrative Scenario “The Inferno” will be available only to NFT holders in a private Discord room. Additional narrative gameplay scenarios that move the story and game forward will be released for NFT owners as the project continues past the initial drop.

How can you get ready to participate? Easy!

— Make sure you’re a part of our community here! —

— After accepting the #rules, navigate to the #character-beta room and create a beta vampire by typing out /betavampire command and following the instructions. Then try a few /skillcheck s with your best abilities. Start easy!

— Get hyped and spread the word!

What are your thoughts? What stories do you want to explore in the world of Blood Vessels?



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