Blood Vessels Mega Dev Update: The Game, The Tech, The Inferno

Blood Vessels is unlike any project Kongregate has ever undertaken. It is a game that combines NFT technology with our ability to create strong communities and weave interesting stories.

Players take on the role of their vampires, represented by individually unique NFTs. These character NFTs act as your game piece within the universe of Blood Vessels. Want to learn more?

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Vampires. Fires. Viruses. Innovation.

Blood Vessels is an open world narrative game with TTRPG elements, played via Discord.

Almost 130 years ago, Chicago held the World’s Columbian Exposition — a spectacular event meant to show off the ingenuity of humankind. The month- long event was designed to showcase the bright future waiting just beyond the horizon of the next century. The city of Chicago swelled as travelers, industrialists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs raced to “The Paris of the Prairie” to peek through the looking glass of a brighter tomorrow.

Only a few know about the monsters that lurk among the visiting fair goers. Human-seeming, but no longer human — vampires stalk among their prey, hiding in plain sight.

In 1871–20 years prior to the World’s Fair — a great fire swept through Chicago and parts of the Midwest, turning two cities into smoking rubble. Thousands were displaced. Hundreds died; several of their remains never to be found. From the ashes of this tragedy, our vampires emerged; hungry, changed, and seeking answers about their newfound state of being.

In the time just before the fair, vampires began to gather together. Some had found one another and began forming networks and connections to each other. Distinct factions of vampires began to take shape among these groups. First, the conservative and secretive Circle — who believe their agendas can best be served working in the shadows. Then, the free-thinking, socially minded Futurists — who believe that revealing themselves to the rest of society is the key to their survival.

Soon, the World’s Fair will begin… and a choice will need to be made:

Should vampires reveal themselves to humanity?

You will help make that decision.

But how will you do it?


Each vampire is a ERC-721 non-fungible token made up of a unique combination of art pieces and game traits. Game traits represent qualities of your vampire’s attributes: their Strength, Agility and Intelligence, for example.

The value of these game traits determine the amount of dice the player may roll when facing dangers and obstacles. If your vampire has a Strength 2, you roll 2 dice when facing challenges that would call on raw physical power.

“Where do the game traits interact with the game? Where does the game live? What is the GAME?!”

All good questions and they have a common answer: Discord! There, your vampire NFT will take on an unlife, guided by you.


The narrative of the game is presented in scenarios that our players will have a chance to participate in.

Our first gameplay scenario is called The Great Inferno. Your newly awoken vampire will need to navigate the second night of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and survive. Your skills will be put to the test as you attempt to escape your apartment and the burning city while your own body undergoes a strange metamorphosis.

Here is a sample of the opening passage (NOTE: this is a work in progress and subject to change before release)

Location: Diogo Apartments, 5th Floor, Small Temporary Sanctuary

The inferno rages through the building you’re in.

Smoke inhalation, blocked corridors, burning surfaces and falling debris surround you at once.

You can hear the residents in the building clambering in the hall, undercut by the creaking and giving way of wooden timbers and supports and the screams that follow.

You are too weak to do anything at the moment. Finding the safest way out of the building will require some quick thinking. [INT 1]


Players will see the above post along with a button to roll dice. Hitting the Roll Dice Button will use your Blood Vessel’s NFT character to attempt the challenge at the end: “Finding the safest way out of the building will require some quick thinking. [INT 1]”

The [INT 1] at the end means it will be an Intelligence 1 challenge. Your vampire’s Intelligence game trait will be a number, it represents how many dice will be rolled to attempt to find safety, in this situation.

The bot will roll the dice and look for 5s and 6s, either which represent successes. If you roll equal to or more successes required by the challenge, you pass! Too few or no success and you’ll fail.

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Comments or questions? Let us know in our Discord! And don’t forget to follow our Twitter, for chance at getting white listed and winning IMX tokens!



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Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels

An NFT open world narrative game with ttrpg elements, played via Discord. Powered by Kongregate.