Blood Vessels Launches on October 26th, 2022

Blood Vessels
3 min readSep 30, 2022


After announcing Blood Vessels in April, Kongregate’s vampire-themed, community-driven RPG game is finally launching this month on October 26th. If you’re looking for a new D&D style campaign to take part in, read on.

Blood Vessels is a unique game that takes place in Chicago during the late 1800s, shortly after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. From these ashes, vampires rise up, uncertain of their purpose and existence, and roam the streets to uncover these mysteries during the 1893 World Fair. As a player, you embody one of these vampires to take part in an ever-evolving storyline with all manner of twists and turns that will ultimately change history as we know it.

Vampire characters are NFTs with their own sets of unique art, attributes, and character traits. You can “hatch” your own vampires and randomly roll their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a chance for rarer, more impactful character traits.The two strains of vampires, Apex and Hybrid, will also have a major effect on the actions you take. Apex vampires look more like your traditional vampire, hiding their true nature behind a human appearance and using subtlety to their advantage, while Hybrid vampires show their true nature through horrific mutations and are more prone to act out violently. If you roll a combination you don’t like, you can browse other already-hatched vampires to play as on the Immutable X marketplace.

Additionally, thanks to Kongregate’s partnership with Immutable X, these NFTs are minted and transacted through Ethereum’s Layer 2 blockchain, which is fully carbon-neutral and gas free. This selection of NFT sourcing ensures that carbon emissions are offset and environmental harm is averted, so you can take part in Blood Vessels guilt-free.

Gameplay in Blood Vessels involves daily story prompts presented through Discord that you may act on by choosing specific reactions to them. Depending on your vampire’s attributes and traits, you can have a bigger impact on specific events, and may even be able to pull the story in a different direction. Collectively, you and your fellow players will have to reach certain thresholds as a community to progress the story in one way or another. Mind you, these thresholds are set for both successes and failures, so even if you roll poorly the story will proceed.

So how do you get playing? You’ll have to hatch your own vampire as previously mentioned, or buy one on the Immutable X marketplace. The first sale for vampires opens on Blood Vessel’s launch date, October 26th. There will be 250 vampire characters in the pool available for $100 each if you are on the allowlist, otherwise available for $200. Take part in this early sale to have access to exclusive features, such as:

  • A high-ranking, unique Discord role (Vampire Old One)
  • Highest chance to roll the best traits
  • Access to previews of story prompts to influence which ones are offered to the community
  • Direct access to future vampires hand-created by Blood Vessels developers for purchase
  • Price-locking future vampires to $200

As an “Old One,” you will have much more influence over Blood Vessel story beats, and you’ll be one of the more powerful vampires in the community. There will be future sales if you miss out on this one, though the benefits and chances to roll the best traits will be lower. Alternatively, if you’re looking to play without spending as much, you can find many Blood Vessels vampires on the Immutable X marketplace that are next-to-nothing in price, many even less than a dollar (some cost a penny!).

Ultimately, Blood Vessels aims to provide a unique NFT gaming experience through a powerful, engrossing storyline that puts most of the decision-making power in the hands of the community. If you want to learn about the game or its vampire NFTs, visit for more information.



Blood Vessels

An NFT open world narrative game with ttrpg elements, played via Discord. Powered by Kongregate.