Blood Letting

Blood Vessels
2 min readOct 5, 2022
Blood Vessels’ Actual Play Livestream Screen

The story of Blood Vessels goes live.

Beginning September 30th, the first of 3 actual-play livestreams began, showcasing the tabletop roleplaying experience and highlighting the character sheets and gameplay.

4 vampires — Ursula, Maude, James, and Sylvester Ephraim Blakewell Esq. (yes, that is his full name and yes, you have to say the whole thing) — started upon a new adventure, exploring the streets of Chicago’s Packingtown & Stockyards during the late 1800s. Led by our fearless Arbiter Rex, these night-stalking fiends will make their way through a twisted tale of mystery.

Rest assured… there will be blood.

You can watch Blood Vessels Live ep. #1 by navigating to the Blood Vessels YouTube channel and click the subscribe button to be notified of when the next livestream goes up.

Be sure to join our Discord to get reminders about the next two livestream dates: Thursday 10/6 at 12:45pm PST & Friday, 10/21 at 12:15pm PST.

Learn more by navigating to the official Blood Vessels website and reading our updates on Medium.

See you in the shadows, blood suckers.



Blood Vessels

An NFT open world narrative game with ttrpg elements, played via Discord. Powered by Kongregate.